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Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-seven

There's no prompt this week but I hope you'll enjoy the chapter anyway!!

His eyes flashed red, and I relished the sight, knowing I’d blooded him. Instinct drove me to run my hands down his back, cupping his cheeks. I rocked my hip and ran my muzzle across his neck and cheeks, marking him with my scent even further. Ritch hummed, pressing back.

This time was calmer, slower, deeper and more intense as our bond gave me a glimpse into how he felt. I used the link between us to drive him crazy, barely holding on to my own sanity and remembering my purpose. We were so close, but I wanted to be closer. I wanted to meld my body to his.

We panted together. I didn’t have any words. All I could do was touch him. I couldn’t stop, even if I wanted to. Ritch leaned against me, his body limp with our sweaty skin pressed together. His cheek rested on my shoulder.

As soon as my leg muscles stopped quivering, I was going to take him for a bath. Then a snack. Then we would snuggle in bed for the rest of the night. Plans made, I relaxed against the headboard.

“Are we doing anything today?” I asked. Ritch had taken over and only let me do certain things so I’d stay off my leg and heal. But I was nearly better, and the walls were closing in on me. I spent a lot of time patrolling our perimeter, and I was getting antsy. I wanted to show Ritch all of my favorite spots.

“Not until lunch. We have plans to have lunch with your brother and the alpha.”

“His name is Deke.”

Ritch shook his head. “He’s the alpha. I couldn’t call him by his first name.”

“He’s like a brother to me. Hell, he is, since he mated my brother. And you’re my mate. That makes Deke your brother.”

His eyes bugged out and his mouth dropped open. “I… I never considered what….” He trailed off, blinking slowly.

“What mating the beta of the streak would mean? You’re part of us now, and we’re all the family we have left. Our parents are gone; it’s just us. And I can tell you Deke will get pretty annoyed if you alpha him left and right.”

“But… it’s not right!” Ritch was agitated, unable to sit still. He started pacing back and forth across the living room.

“This really bugs you?”


I stood up. “Why?” I put out my hand and pulled him to a stop on the next circuit past me. I could feel the fine tremors in him, sensed his tension through our bond.

“Alphas….” He shook his head violently. “No, I can’t.”

“Okay.” I reeled him in and held him close, wrinkling my nose at the sour stench of his fear. He’d come so far since he first appealed for sanctuary, sometimes I forgot the hell his life had been. “Calm down. You can call him whatever makes you comfortable. I do it to annoy him sometimes, so it’s no big deal.”

“I don’t want to annoy him!”

“You won’t.” I rubbed my hands up and down his back and rubbed my cheek against his.

Ritch fisted his hand in my shirt. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I’d send him a text to make sure. Kraig and Ritch got along well, so we’d probably spend a lot of time with them. Eventually he’d learn just how different our streak was.

“Okay.” Ritch took a deep breath, and then another, before his grip loosened and he let go of my shirt. I let him pull back. He looked up. “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for.” I meant it. “Are you going to make something to take with us for lunch or are you and Kraig cooking after we get there?”

“After we get there. Apparently neither of us have great skills in the kitchen. I think it’s just going to be subs.”

“Kraig makes the best subs. Fresh bread, lots of meat, cheese, and he bakes them to get it all warm and melty.” They were Park’s favorite. Park narrowed his eyes. “I wonder why he’s making them.” Were they trying to butter him up for something?”

“Maybe your brother just wants to make something you like.”

“True.” They were comfort food.

Ritch had calmed down but he was watching me closely. “Your nostrils keep flaring. Are you smelling phantom sandwiches or something else?”

“You smell… upset.”

“I never could get over how well bonded werekin can scent stuff like emotions.” He lifted his arm and sniffed. “Do I smell bad?”

“Sort of bitter,” I admitted.

Ritch frowned. “Should I go take a shower? Or change my clothes?”

“It wouldn’t hurt.” The scent would probably go away by lunch, but it would give me some time. “Make it a long shower, and I’ll come in and join you.” He was probably too sore for much, but I would never miss a chance to worship my mate’s body.

“Okay.” Ritch stripped off his shirt. “Don’t take too long.”

His ability to compartmentalize and suppress things astounded me. If not for the smell, I would never have guessed he was nearly frantic with fear minutes before. As soon as he was upstairs and the shower came on, I pulled out my phone.

“When we come over, Ritch is going to call you Alpha, and you can’t say anything to him about it,” I said as soon as Park said hello.

“I can’t?” I could practically hear Park’s eyebrows go up.

“No. I promised him you wouldn’t because the idea freaks him the fuck out. So ignore it.” I could just barely hear Ritch above the sound of the water, but the image of him under the water, dripping wet….

“Damn. I will.”

“Gotta go. See you later.” I almost hung up. “Oh! And we’re mates now.” Then I really did hang up.


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QSF's New Flash Anthology is Live!

Every year the Queer SciFi group on Facebook does a great flash fiction contest. This year's theme was Renewal, and now you can read all the entries in the just released eBook or print books!!

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books

Author: Various – see Authors section below

Cover Artist: Gus Li

Length: 196 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

Release Date: 9/13/17

Pairing: Various – covers many pairings and identities

Price: 4.99, 16.99 paperback (b/w illus); 28.99 (color illus – avail 9/16)

Series: SF Flash Fiction Anthologies – Book Three

Genre: Sci Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Mainstream

Blurb: (noun)

1) Resuming an activity after an interruption, or
2) Extending a contract, subscription or license, or
3) Replacing or repairing something that is worn out,
run-down, or broken, or
4) Rebirth after death.

Four definitions to spark inspiration, a limitless number of stories to be conceived. Only 110 made the cut.

Thrilling to hopeful, Renewal features 300-word speculative fiction ficlets about sexual and gender minorities to entice readers.

Welcome to Renewal.


Because these stories are only 300 words each, we’re not supplying long excerpts, but here are the first lines of several of the stories. Enjoy!

“Griselda pulled the weeds from between the rows of Valerianella locusta plants in the garden, careful not to disturb the buds that would grow into the babies that were her only real income-producing crop.” —The Witches’ Garden, by Rie Sheridan Rose

“I didn’t know how truly the world was in trouble until I went journeying to look for Anisette’s bluebonnets.” —Bluebonnets, by Emily Horner

“The ship’s drive malfunctioned at the worst possible time.” —The Return, by Andrea Speed

“Before we continue, there’s a rather macabre fact about me I should share.” —Rejuvenation, by Christine Wright

“When I died they buried me at the bottom of the garden and returned to the fields.” —Below the Hill, by Matthew Bright

“The world is ending and I can’t look away from your eyes.” —Sunrise, by Brigitte Winter

Losing one’s superpowers to your arch nemesis sucks donkey nuts, I tell ya. And trust me when I say I suck a lot of them.” —Rainbow Powers, by Dustin Karpovich

The day I was born again was damp, rainy—a good day for rebirth, all things considered.” —The Birthing Pod, by Michelle Browne

Intwir's twelve eyes roved over the container, taking in the cracked outer lock and the elasticated fabric stretched tightly over its exterior.” —In a Bind, by S R Jones

“‘You’ve reached Androgyne HelpLine. Press one to start service. Press two to interrupt or cancel service. Press three—’” —Auto-Renew, by Ginger Streusel

“The doctor tells me that my wife is dying, but I already know.” —I Will Be Your Shelter, by Carey Ford Compton

“‘San Francisco was the first to go dark, followed by Los Angeles.’” —When Light Left, by Lex Chase

“My fingers lingered on the synthetic skin, trailing soft patterns across my work.” —Miss You, by Stephanie Shaffer 

Where You Can Find Renewal:

 Print (b/w illustrations only):



'Nathan Burgoine

A.M. Leibowitz

A.M. Soto

Abby Bartle

Aidee Ladnier

Alexis Woods

Andi Deacon

Andrea Felber Seligman

Andrea Speed

Andrea Stanet

Anne McPherson

Bey Deckard

Brigitte Winter

Carey Ford Compton

Carol Holland March

Carrie Pack

Catherine Lundoff

CB Lee

Christine Wright

Colton Aalto

Daniel Mitton

Dustin Blottenberger

Dustin Karpovich

E R Zhang

E.J. Russell

E.W. Murks

Ell Schulman

Ellery Jude

Eloreen Moon

Elsa M León

Emily Horner

Eric Alan Westfall

F.T. Lukens

Fenrir Cerebellion

Foster Bridget Cassidy

Ginger Streusel

Hannah Henry

Irene Preston

J. Alan Veerkamp

J. P. Egry

J. Summerset

J.S. Fields

Jaap Boekestein

Jackie Keswick

Jana Denardo

Jeff Baker

Jenn Burke

Joe Baumann

John Moralee

Jon Keys

Jude Dunn

K.C. Faelan

Kelly Haworth

Kiterie Aine

Kristen Lee

L M Somerton

L. Brian Carroll

L.M. Brown

L.V. Lloyd

Laurie Treacy

Leigh M. Lorien

Lex Chase

Lia Harding

Lin Kelly

Lloyd A. Meeker

Lyda Morehouse

M.D. Grimm

Martha J. Allard

Mary E. Lowd

Matt Doyle

Matthew Bright

Mia Koutras

Michelle Browne

Milo Owen

Mindy Leana Shuman

Naomi Tajedler

Natsuya Uesugi

Nephy Hart

Nicole Dennis

Ofelia Gränd

Patricia Scott

Paul Stevens

PW Covington

R R Angell

R.L. Merrill

Rebecca Cohen

Redfern Jon Barrett

Reni Kieffer

Richard Amos

RL Mosswood

Robyn Walker

Rory Ni Coileain

Rose Blackthorn

Ross Common

S R Jones

Sacchi Green

Sarah Einstein

Shilo Quetchenbach

Siri Paulson

Soren Summers

Stephanie Shaffer

Steve Fuson

Tam Ames

Terry Poole

Tray Ellis

Vivien Dean

Wendy Rathbone

Xenia Melzer

Zen DiPietro

Zev de Valera

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New Book by Cheryl Headford!!

Author Name: Cheryl Headford

Book Length 214 Pages

Book Name: Shade’s Champion

Release Date: 15th September 2017


Sixteen-year-old Shade has spent years imprisoned in a dark cellar after being snatched off the street as a young child. Events since his release have left him traumatised and desperate to die.

Dory is a lively and engaging seventeen-year-old with mental health issues that make him a slave to his dangerously uncontrollable emotions.

When Shade comes to the secure children's home, Eastbrook; because no one else wants him, the manager appoints Dory as his champion, an appointment Dory takes very seriously indeed.

As friendship turns into something else, something new and exciting, they struggle to find their feet, but every step leads to more complication.

When a spiteful act separates them, it seems their love is doomed before it ever had a chance, but when Dory falls ill, it's up to Shade to pick up the standard and become his champion, although it might already be too late.


Cheryl was born into a poor mining family in the South Wales Valleys. Until she was 16, the toilet was at the bottom of the garden and the bath hung on the wall. Her refrigerator was a stone slab in the pantry and there was a black lead fireplace in the kitchen. They look lovely in a museum but aren’t so much fun to clean.

Cheryl has always been a storyteller. As a child, she’d make up stories for her nieces, nephews and cousin and they’d explore the imaginary worlds she created, in play.

Later in life, Cheryl became the storyteller for a re enactment group who travelled widely, giving a taste of life in the Iron Age. As well as having an opportunity to run around hitting people with a sword, she had an opportunity to tell stories of all kinds, sometimes of her own making, to all kinds of people. The criticism was sometimes harsh, especially from the children, but the reward enormous.

It was here she began to appreciate the power of stories and the primal need to hear them. In ancient times, the wandering bard was the only source of news, and the storyteller the heart of the village, keeping the lore and the magic alive. Although much of the magic has been lost, the stories still provide a link to the part of us that still wants to believe that it’s still there, somewhere.

In present times, Cheryl lives in a terraced house in the valleys with her son and menagerie of three cats, a dog and a dragon. Her daughter has deserted her for the big city, but they’re still close.

Immersed, as always, in the world of fantasy, she maintains a burning desire to share the stories and these days it’s in the form of books which all contain her spark and unique view on life, the universe and everything.


“His name’s not Shane,” Dorien said, wanting to do something to earn his champion status. Champions were like knights, and he had to fight for the damsel in distress in any way he could. Well, kind of.

“Excuse me?” The social worker looked at him as if he were some sort of curious thing. She had a patronising air that infuriated him. She treated everyone like a five-year-old and didn’t listen to anything.

“His name. It isn’t Shane. It’s Shade.”

“Don’t be silly, Dorien. No one’s called Shade.”

“Erm, actually, he is,” Richard broke in.

Uh oh, Richard was frowning. Richard never frowned unless he was really cross, and Dorien was very glad he wasn’t frowning at him.

“Really?” She glared at Shade, who gazed back with no expression at all on his face or in his eyes. Damn, this boy was going to be a challenge. Oh well, Dory liked challenges. There was a vague unease in the back of his mind. If ever there was anything to get angry over, Shade was it. Already, he was feeling a kind of protectiveness he’d never felt before. If anyone hurt Shade... Oh dear.

“Well, come on then,” the woman said, taking Shade’s elbow and steering him up the steps, way too fast. He stumbled again, and both Richard and Dorien hurried forward.

Richard gave Dorien a look. “It’s all right, Dory, I’ve got it from here. You’d better get back to the common room. It’ll be dinner time soon, and I’m sure you’ll want to tell everyone about Shade.”

“I haven’t said hello yet.” Ignoring Richard, Dorien held out his hand to Shade, who simply looked at it as if he didn’t know what a hand was, let alone why it was waving about in front of him. Patiently, Dorien took Shade’s hand and shook it. “That’s the way we say hello, at least the grown-ups do, which you are, practically, although they’ll still treat you like a kid. My name’s Dorien, but everyone calls me Dory. I don’t know why because that’s a fish in Finding Nemo who has a very bad memory. I have a very good memory. Anyway, I’m going to be your friend. Penny said I was to be your champion, but that’s a funny kind of word, so I think friend is better.” Impulsively, Dorien threw his arms around Shade and hugged him briefly. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll look after you.”

Dorien turned to Richard. “I mean properly, Richard. You don’t need to look at me like that. Penny explained, and my intentions are purely honourable, I can assure you.”

Richard gawped.

“Close your mouth, you’re catching flies,” Dorien teased.

“Common room, Dory. Now.”


With a last glance at Shade, Dorien grinned and called, “See ya,” as he raced off inside.


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Earning His Trust Tour Contest Winners!!!

Thank you to everyone who visited the stops for the Earning His Trust blog tour & took the time to enter my contest! I've contacted the winners via email, and I'll announce them below. If you see your name and don't have an email from me, please check your junk inbox or email me at anordwell (@) 

Serena S.

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter 36

There's no prompt this week but I hope you'll enjoy the chapter anyway!!

Ritch crawled on the bed, straddling my feet and then slowly making his way up my legs. His eyes were locked on my leaking cock jutting straight up. He stopped around my mid-thighs. I leaned forward and encouraged him to scoot forward the rest of the way. His hands came down on my shoulders.

He was hard and leaking, his cock nestled against my stomach as I held him close to me. I tilted my head back. “Kiss?” It was something he was comfortable with, something that might bring down some of the tension I could feel in his back.

I parted my lips in anticipation when Ritch leaned down, his fingers tightening on my shoulders. His lips met mine, pressing close and then away, coming back again a second later. I ached to taste him, and I growled in satisfaction as he dipped his tongue inside my mouth.

When he retreated, I followed, taking his mouth. I swept my tongue inside and tangled them together, stroking and caressing him with my hands as we finally found ourselves slotted together, skin to skin, like I’d fantasized about.

Minutes could have become hours as I rubbed my hands down his back. He settled downward, my cock nestled in the cleft of his ass and his tight to my stomach. When he started rocking his hips in minute increments, I ripped my mouth away and moaned. I gripped both his cheeks and ground upward.


My eyes flew open and I froze, but Ritch didn’t look scared. His pupils were blown and he didn’t stop moving. “You like that?” I asked.


“Want to try some lube?”

Ritch paused, licking his lips. He nodded once. I picked up the bottle I’d set beside me and opened it. Rather than shocking him with the cool liquid, I put the tip of the bottle against the tip of my cock and squeezed.

Lube went everywhere. The cold slick oozed down my cock and pooled against my skin and slid down to my balls. I cursed and fumbled with the bottle, nearly dropping it, finally getting it shut. I dropped it on the bed, the sheets already ruined.

“Too much is better than too little.” I couldn’t even try to be suave.

Ritch’s lips twitched. “I agree.” He settled against me again, squirming. The amusement on his face faded, but his eyebrows were drawn in.

I knew what he needed. I wiped my hand on the sheet, then palmed his smooth ass cheeks, spreading them slightly. Then I lifted my hips and slid my slick, hard cock past his hole and along his sensitive skin. “Fuck.” I wanted inside him, but I needed to be patient.

“Oh yeah.” Ritch squeezed my shoulders, his blunt nails digging in. I liked the small sting and I rocked my hips again to make him do it some more. Ritch held on tight as I pushed his arousal higher. His breath came faster.

“Hold on to the headboard.” I needed to move this along before one of us came. I pushed his knees farther apart and slid down in the bed, bringing his cock level with my mouth and giving me more room to reach him.

Come dripped from the angry pink tip of his cock. I stuck out my tongue and swirled it around, capturing them and taking in his salty, musky flavor. I wanted to rub my cheeks against him, to wallow in his scent—so I did as I ran my fingers through all the lube coating my balls.

I touched him with my fingers for the first time, tracing them down his crack and then to the soft, wrinkled flesh of his hole. Ritch gasped and cursed as I circled and then pressed in with my finger. I lost myself in the sensations as he squirmed, pushing forward into my mouth and then back on my finger.

Daring to push him, I added a second finger and added suction with my mouth, laving the bottom of his cock with my tongue. His movements became slower, but he didn’t stop. “Park!” Ritch barked my name as I curled my fingers and pressed them against his spongy prostate.


“I’m gonna come,” he ground out.

I let up and pulled my fingers out. Ritch tried to follow them and his cock left my mouth. I pushed up with my elbow, squirming until I was leaning against the pillows again, his arms bracketing me. Sweat beaded on his brow, his irises were narrow rings around his blown pupils, and his cheeks were bright pink. He inched backward and this time when my cock pressed against his hole, he stopped.

“Are you ready?” The thought he might say no made my balls ache, but I had to ask.

Ritch nodded. “Please.” He was breathing hard and fast.

I reached between us and held the base of my shaft. “Your speed,” I reminded him. Ritch was less patient, and he pushed hard, my head and maybe half of my shaft inside him at once. He grunted and I cursed, grabbing his hips.


“No.” Ritch stared in my eyes. “I’m done with slow. I chose this.”

“Fuck. Okay.” I let go of his hips and let him take over, which is way harder than I thought. He drove himself down on me and then started rocking. His muscles rippled over my shaft, hot and tight.

“Not gonna last,” I warned him. I had no control, and I zeroed in on his neck. I had to blood him. I bit my finger and then then pushed it into his open mouth, exploding as Ritch sucked hard.

Then I sank my teeth into him. The iron tang of his blood filled my mouth as the bond snapped in place between us. More come spurted from my cock to coat his inner walls, and his coated our bellies.

I eased my bite, then licked his torn flesh, prompting it to heal. I’d done it. “Mate,” I growled.


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Just a few days left to enter my contest for a chance to win!!

You still have a few more days to enter!!

Visit these blogs to learn more about Earning His Trust (and me) and enter to win a Kindle Fire 7", $20 gift card, or one of (2) backlist eBook prizes! *Remember, blog tour posts may go up at different times, so check back if you don't see it posted at first.

September 9Love Bytes

September 10 – Decadent Delights

September 11 - Dreamspinner Press Blog

September 12Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words  

September 13 - Back here at Cia's Stories for the winners announcement!

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Earning His Trust Release Day!

It's live! We've finally hit the release day for Earning His Trust!! AND guess what? It's 30% off at Dreamspinner Press through the 8th! You can get it for just $3.49 if you haven't already. 

Purchase Links: 

Universal Amazon Link:

And make sure you enter my contest. You could win a 7" Fire, a $20 gift card, or one of (2) Backlist eBooks! 

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-five

Haven't had a chance to get Earning His Trust yet? Well you can read more of my ongoing Wednesday Brief fic, Mine! Part Two. This week's prompt is "There's no place like home."   

“What?” He just woke up. He wasn’t thinking right. There was no way Ritch just said what I thought he said.

“Mate me,” he insisted. He wound his hands around my neck, looking straight into my eyes. “Now. Not tonight, not tomorrow. Now.” Ritch’s chest rose and fell in shuddering waves in time with his ragged breaths.

“Talk to me.” My traitorous dick was already hardening at just the thought of claiming him, but I needed to know why he was suddenly insisting on this. “Is this about your bad dreams?”

“They won’t stop. I keep having to watch them rip your tiger soul out of your body and put it into a human, then watch him go feral and start to eat you.” He faintly gagged. “I can see it, smell it… and I have no choice to do anything but watch because you haven’t mated me. If we’re mates, when you die, I die. I don’t want to have to see something like that. I don’t want to live without you. Please, Park.”

While I wanted Ritch as my mate—desperately—I didn’t want him to feel like it had to happen because he was afraid. “That’s not real. The doctor is gone. Trein is dead, killed by the ferals he helped create, and anyone from that compound who is still alive is locked up under triple guard in another clan’s territory. If there were more people involved, the alphas will find out. But the guards are tripled around our territory. We’re as safe as it’s possible to be here.” I ran my hand up and down Ritch’s back. “You didn’t seem this worried earlier.”

“I wasn’t, until you freaked out today. I’ve been telling myself we’re safe, that there’s no place like home, and that my nightmares are just baseless fears.” He looked up and met my gaze. “But you were really upset today, scared enough that you were willing to risk everything by coming into that store after me.”

“I’d do anything to keep you safe.” I should be ashamed of that, because keeping our existence a secret was drilled into us but I had fallen hard and fast for Ritch. He mattered more to me than my own life. Without him….

And suddenly I got it. That sudden pit in my stomach, the fear and anger, the need to pull him close and never let him go catapulted my heart into overdrive. I held him tighter. “Okay.”

Ritch tried to scramble off my lap and, at first, I tried to stop him but then I let him go. What if the reality of me saying yes scared him? Not long ago, I had to be cuffed so he could sleep in the same room as me.

“Okay as in yes, you’ll mate me?” He loomed over me.

I nodded.

“Up. Bedroom.” He hauled me to my feet. “Is your leg okay?”

“My leg’s fine,” I said breathily. The bone could be jabbing out again, and I don’t think I would feel it. My entire body was focused on Ritch.

We came to a stop in my bedroom. The eager, bossy Ritch promptly faded, and he glanced at the bed, then at me, his arms limp at his sides. “I… I don’t….”

This I could handle. I stalked over to the bed and ripped the covers down. Then I rummaged around in the drawer in the nightstand, pulling out the lube. I turned and held out my hand. “C’mere.”

I held my breath until he took that first step, then I let it out with a whoosh. I’d thought endlessly about this, and I knew how I wanted our mating to go. I’d make our mating a night he’d never forget.

He was shaking, so I started slow. I traced the curves his face, his cheekbones rounded instead of jutting out to form the slight muzzle tiger bonded werekin had. His lips parted, and I dipped down to kiss him. This he knew, and he pushed closer. Ritch brought his hands up and gripped my waist.

When I pulled back, his eyes were dilated, and he swayed toward me, his hands tightening. “Take off my shirt,” I said, my voice was low and rumbly.

Ritch lifted my shirt, and I leaned down so he could pull it off. He unconsciously licked his lips, and I nearly growled with the want shooting through me. One day I’d have those lips touching every inch of my body. Today I’d settle for something simpler.

“Lift your arms.” Ritch slowly did as I asked, and I pulled his shirt up and off. His chest and stomach were still flat without muscle definition, but he’d put on the weight he needed since he came to our streak. I didn’t want another bonded werekin, our bodies chiseled with the activity our animal souls demanded. “Amazing.” I dropped his shirt on top of mine.

Then I dared to go further. I dropped my hands to his pants. He nodded subtly, and I unbuttoned them and slowly drew the zipper down. I pulled his pants and underwear down, needing to move things to the bed before I lost control.

He might be nervous, but Ritch wanted me. I could smell his rich arousal, and he was more than half-hard.

“Now you,” Ritch said.

I tore open my waistband and kicked them away. My cock pointed upright, and my fangs itched. I wanted to bite him, to feel Ritch bite me. I crawled on the bed and turned, sitting with back against the headboard. “Come here.” I patted my lap. “You get to be on top. In control.”

Tradition put Ritch on his knees under me, but damn tradition. I could watch him ride me and bite him just like this, and he wouldn’t be trapped under me.

Ritch’s eyes were bright and his mouth was parted. “Thank you.”

I shook my head. I didn’t need thanks. “Whatever you need.” 
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Earning His Trust Blog Tour Kick Off!

Visit these blogs to learn more about Earning His Trust (and me) and enter to win a Kindle Fire 7", $20 gift card, or one of (2) backlist eBook prizes! *Remember, blog tour posts may go up at different times, so check back if you don't see it posted at first.

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September 9Love Bytes

September 10 – Decadent Delights

September 11 - Dreamspinner Press Blog

September 12Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words  

September 13 - Back here at Cia's Stories for the winners announcement!

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter 34

Haven't had a chance to get Earning His Trust yet? Well you can read more of my ongoing Wednesday Brief fic, Mine! Part Two. No prompt this week, just more story!  

“You’re losing it.” Ritch glanced over his shoulder at me. He’d put the groceries in the back, and now he was driving us home, both hands clenched tight on the wheel. “Is this how you always are? You’re going to follow me everywhere and watch me constantly?”

“We don’t know if the whole mess with those werekin and the doctors experimenting on them and humans is really over. What if there were others? What if the human government or military was involved?” I stared straight into his eyes when he glanced back at me in the rear view mirror. “I failed to protect you before. I won’t fail again.”

“Park.” He sighed, and his hands relaxed as his shoulders dropped. “You didn’t fail. You weren’t even there. This was a planned, concerted attack. I don’t think we’re in that much danger anymore. Trein is dead.” Ritch shuddered when he said Trein’s name, spitting it out as if it tasted like acid.

“Maybe,” I hedged. “I want to be back on streak land, where I know there are others around to help protect you.” As long as they didn’t get too close. More than anything else, I needed to claim him. But I couldn’t tell him that.

I kept an eye in our mirrors on the way back, but I didn’t see anyone following us. My skin still crawled with the need to defend Ritch. The border guard made the mistake of crowding the window and my growl ripped through the car and my claws came out.

“You know who we are. Go back to your post. Keep an eye out for strangers, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, contact the alpha right away.” My voice was masked by the warning rumble echoing through my chest, but I forced the words out.


Ritch’s voice was off. I hated it when he was upset. We barely knew each other, but I already knew I was going to upset him a lot. I just wasn’t happy about it. But I also refused to apologize. I was who I was, and I couldn’t stop being a cranky beta with a fierce need to protect.

“Your food’s getting warm. I smell ice cream.”

“Not that you’re getting any,” he grumbled.

“He was too close to you.” His scent had wafted into our car, and he was within range of touching Ritch. If he’d done it, I might have taken his hand off. My need was getting harder to handle the longer I tried suppressing the instincts of my tiger’s soul.

“A tiger werekin from your own streak isn’t going to hurt me.”

That was like a splash of icy water down my neck. I closed my eyes. “My own father sacrificed his son to those sadistic bastards. He might not have ripped out her throat, but he killed my mother just the same.”

Ritch pulled over and unbuckled his seat belt. He turned in his seat and put his hand on my fist. “Park, stop.”

“Stop what?” It hurt so much, the betrayal, the loss. I hadn’t had a chance to process it, and I didn’t want to.

“Your hands.”

I looked down, and blood was dripping from cuts in my palms from my claws digging in. “Shit.” I retracted them and hissed. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” he asked gently.

“You’re going to have to patch me up again.”

“It’s fine. Use these.” He grabbed some napkins out of the center console. I clenched a few in each hand. A minute later we pulled into my driveway and up to the house. Ritch got out and opened my door, then he jogged over to the front door and opened it. “Go inside. I’ll get the groceries.”

I slowly limped in, hissing as I took a seat at the table. I wanted to curse myself. Even if sex was off the table, I could touch and snuggle him. I glared at my hands. “Stupid claws.”

“What was that?” Plastic rustled and something hit the counter with a bang as Ritch set down both armfuls of bags.


“Let me put this stuff away and then I’ll come take care of your hands.” Ritch had two bags in one hand and the fridge door open. He dropped a gallon of milk in the door.


I waited not so patiently. Blood wasn’t soaking through the napkins, so they couldn’t be that bad. When Ritch hauled out the big first-aid kit, he sighed. “I’ll be glad when I don’t have to use this anymore.”


He narrowed his eyes and then grabbed my hands. “Now let me see.” He pulled the napkins away and scowled at the small punctures. “Well, not as bad as I thought.” Ritch cleaned my hands, wrapped some gauze around them, and then ordered me to go sit on the couch while he made lunch.

And I did it. If anyone saw the way he talked to me, and how I listened to him, they wouldn’t believe it. But the man was going to be my mate—soon. I couldn’t help but want to do anything and everything I could to make him happy.

Plus, he promised me snuggles during movie time.

Ritch whimpered and shook. He was leaning against my chest, the movie long-since ended. We’d dozed off together, but he was having another bad dream. I rumbled, and he cringed back and jerked his head up, his eyes opened wide but not seeing me.

I hated his nightmares. So I just did it. “Ritch,” I said. “It’s me, Park.” Then I leaned in close and kissed him, gently once, then deeper as I traced my tongue over his lips as they parted on a softly inhaled gasp.

Hands forgotten, leg forgotten, the need to claim struck me hard, and I hauled him into my lap. I checked, and he was looking back, this time seeing me.

“Mate me,” he said.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-three

No prompt this week, just story!  

“Sit down. You’re staying here.”

“I’m fine, Ritch.”

“Your leg is all busted up. Werekin take more than two days to heal. I can go get food for both of us.” Ritch scowled. “Or don’t you trust me to be able to go to the store?”

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him, but I wasn’t sure how to say what it was without making it sound like that was exactly what the problem was.

“Besides, it’s not like you’d be able to go into the store anyway. Or help me if something went wrong.”

“But I could wait in the car. We haven’t heard anything more about all this being over for sure. The buddy system is how the guards work. This way, if you don’t come out or there’s trouble outside of our borders, there’s someone to call for help for you.”

He crossed his arms. “Then I can take a guard.”

I snarled at the thought of a guard in the car with Ritch, being that close to him. I desperately needed to claim him, to make him my mate, and my tiger soul was feeling dangerously possessive. My whole body was tense, and we stared at each other. I worked my jaw, then sighed and dropped my shoulders.

“Please.” I looked down, glaring at the leg that was ruining everything. “Don’t go into town without me.”

Ritch let out a long, loud sigh. “Fine. But the pathetic front isn’t going to work all the time.”

“Pathetic?” I made a face.

“Oh stop it. You got your way. Let’s go.” Ritch came up to him. “But you’re sitting in the backseat and putting your leg up. No arguing.”

“Okay.” I leaned on him, not so much because I needed to—I was healing rapidly—but because I’d take any opportunity to touch him and share our scents. We got into the car and headed toward the exit from the property, stopping long enough to give the guard information about where we were going and why, before heading into town.

I pulled the baseball hat lower and tucked my head into the blanket Ritch had insisted on tucking around me when I shivered in the unseasonably damp and cool air. It helped mask the squared off thrust of my muzzle that jutted out farther than the jaws humans had. The smooth hum of the tires on the road lulled me into a doze.

Ritch had not been sleeping well. His nightmares returned time after time, and I couldn’t even touch him to help calm him until he woke up, leaving us both short on sleep.

I woke up fully when we pulled into the parking lot. Ritch parked in the last row but angled the car so I could see into the grocery store through the big windows lining the front. “Get a lot of steak. Maybe a few roasts.”

Healing tiger werekin needed red meat, lots of red meat. I’d torn through the supplies we had in the freezer, but I craved fresh. “Lots of meat.”

“Yes, Park, I know you want lots of meat.” Ritch grinned as he glanced over his shoulder. “You always want lots of meat.”

Was he flirting with me? Seriously? My control was barely hanging by a thread, and he thought innuendo was a good idea? I narrowed my eyes. “You would too, if you had the right meat.” Two could play that game.

“You think so?” He pulled the keys out of the ignition and released his seatbelt.

“I know so.” My heart sped up and anticipation curled in my guts. “When we get home, how about I prove it to you?”

“Maybe.” He got out of the car after that.

I wasn’t sleepy anymore. Watching him walk away irritated me. What started out as a mild anxiety and itch to follow him rapidly grew worse. When he went around a corner and I couldn’t see him anymore, it took every ounce of self-control along with my knowledge that I’d expose our kind to stay.

As beta, my control was what I was known for. I protected the streak. But everything in me insisted Ritch was more important. He was my mate, but we weren’t mated. I leaned forward and stared into the store.

There were some humans dressed in some sort of uniform, and they hadn’t walked in the front door.

And worse, they were walking toward where Ritch had disappeared.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called him. It rang, and my heart began to pound and my stomach churned the longer it took.


“Ritch,” I said. I let out a quick breath of relief. “There are two guys in there with you. I think they’re following you.” I shoved the blanket off.


“They’re dressed in green shirts and pants. I think they’re following you. Get out. Get out now!” I grunted in pain and I shoved the top half of my body through the gap between the seats to get to the front. “I’ll be right there.”

“Park. Stop.”

“I’ll stay in the car. Just make it out to me.” Fuck. Where were the keys? I frantically searched, finally seeing them half under a shirt in the front seat.

“Park! They’re not following me. They’re getting meat at the counter. They’re not even looking at me. You need to calm down.”

“Don’t be naïve. There’s no military base near here. Why would they be here, if not for us?”

“Family? Friends? Driving through?” Ritch came around one of the aisles and stared out the window toward the car. “I’m going to check out. Just stay calm, and don’t freak out any more than you already are.” He hung up.

Frustration surged through me. I slammed my hands on the steering wheel, snarling. How could he disregard my warning? “Damn it!” I couldn’t go in there. I had to go in there.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-two

Prompt: "You're the worst." 

As much as I wanted naked and wet time to lead to something more, my body was totally against me. The pain was building and that throbbing pulse was almost all I could feel, even with Ritch’s soapy hands sliding down my body.
“I’m sorry,” I muttered.
“What? Why?” He looked up at me, literally on his knees at my feet, his head the perfect height.
And nothing.
I waved hand toward my groin with the hand that wasn’t bracing me on the wall. “It’s not you.” Ritch’s hair was slicked back, darkened by the water, and I could see trails of water sliding down the lean muscles of his back to the upper curves of his ass.
His cheeks pinkened. “Oh. Well, duh, you’re exhausted. A few hours ago you had bones sticking out of your leg. Even if you were, ah, up for it,” he cleared his throat, “I wouldn’t let you risk hurting yourself.”
“Wouldn’t let me?” I raised my eyebrows.
Ritch nodded decisively. “It’s not the right time.”
He had that right, at least. I wasn’t going to mate him in the shower, the marks of those other men who’d touched him on his body and my injury reminding him of my failure to protect him. It was killing me to wait, but, in the meantime, I could still use the time to further his wooing.
Wooing. I suppressed a snort. If Deke heard me say that, he’d never let me live it down.
“Okay,” I said mildly. If nothing else, Ritch needed to know I respected his opinions—especially when it came to sex.
“Okay? That’s it?”
I nodded. “I agree with you. When we mate, I want both of us healthy and ready for it.” If I had my way, he’d be so ready he’d beg me to bite him. He’d never have to ask twice.
“Mate?” His voice squeaked, and he cleared his throat. Ritch’s eyes were comically round.
“Of course.” I leaned down and helped him to his feet. He wasn’t blinking. “I haven’t made my need for you a secret. I want you as my mate, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to agree.” I ran my thumb over his lips. “What else did you think my kisses meant?”
“I don’t… I mean, I didn’t know for sure. If the stuff you said was just posturing. For everyone else.”
“It’s not posturing. You’re going to be my mate, and I’m going to be yours. You’re going to smell like me, and I’m going to smell like you, and no one will be able to mistake our bond.”
“But I’m a human werekin. And I can’t give you babies.”
I shrugged. “My brother was a human werekin. We’re not prejudiced in our streak. And I don’t want kids. I want you.”
Ritch swayed closer, his lips closing just over the tip of my thumb still caressing them. “Tease. You are the worst.” He scraped his teeth over it, staring at me, and I growled. “I bite back.” I wouldn’t, but I liked the way he shivered at the low promise.
“Not tonight…?” His response came out more like a question.
“Not tonight.” I reached for the showerhead behind him and rinsed us both off. We were clean enough. “Bed. Together,” I said, just in case he didn’t know that I wanted him in my bed with me. “You okay with that?” I couldn’t take away his choice, even if it killed me to ask.
Ritch took a moment. “Yeah.”
We got out, and he helped me dry off, and then he braced himself under my arm and I hopped over to the bed. Exhausted, in pain, I slumped on the side of the bed.
“Do you need some water?”
“No.” I shook my head. “Just some sleep.”
Plastic bag gone, Ritch helped me get situated on the bed with my leg elevated on a pillow. Then he went around to the other side and crawled under the covers. “Oh, I forgot to shut off the light.”
I stopped mid-reach as he slid back out of bed. He went over and turned off the lights, then I heard him try to navigate back in the dim light. It was enough for me to see, but he must not have been able to because he ran into the end of the bed.
I chuckled, not even trying to suppress it.
“Stop laughing! My toes are killing me. Next time you can turn off the lights.”
“Okay.” I held out my arm when he got back in the bed, and he snuggled in close. I yawned, my jaw popping. “Good night.” It was daytime, but, whatever.
Things weren’t so great when I woke up later. Ritch had moved away from me, and he was whimpering in his sleep. I tried to roll toward him and a spike of pain jabbed through my leg. “Son of a bitch!” I snarled.
“What?” Ritch jolted and sat up. He looked around wildly, scooting away from me. It was even darker in the room, but the whites of his eyes were practically glowing because they were open so wide. “No!”
“Damn it.” I couldn’t reach him, and I was fighting the urge to throw up.
He got tangled in the blankets and couldn’t get free. After a moment of struggling, he stopped and froze, curling into a ball and ducking his face against the bed.
“Ritch. It’s me, Park. You’re okay. You’re safe with me, in my bed. Come on, mate. Look at me.” I deliberately eased my voice, trying to make it calm and soothing. “Look up, please.”
He hesitantly moved, barely lifting his head and panting raggedly. “P-Park?”
“Yeah, it’s me. You’re safe.”
“I am?”
“It was just a dream. Come here.”
I waited anxiously to see what he’d do. Finally, he untangled himself and eased closer. I held out my arms, leaving them wide open for him.
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